Play Min Min Now!

And it’s done – Min Min is now available on Google Play.

Get it here.


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Coming tomorrow!

All is looking good for tomorrow’s Android release. Stay tuned!

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Min Min is coming to Android™ in February

Jayelinda is pleased to announce that Min Min will be released for Android next month. It will be available on Google Play™ from the 1st of February, 2013.

Min Min is a 3D flying and collection game for handheld mobile devices. Set in a world with an Australian desert feel, levels are procedurally generated, allowing for endless variation. Within this world, the player flies through the treetops with intuitive, fluid flight controls, dodging trees and wasps while releasing colourful butterflies from their cocoons.

About Jayelinda

Jayelinda is a game developer in Melbourne, Australia. She has worked for 5 years in the games industry on titles for PC, mobile and a variety of gaming consoles. She also wrote the game engine behind the upcoming car company tycoon game, Automation. Trained in both 3D art and games programming, she is happiest messing around with shaders and visual effects.

Jayelinda website

Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.

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Getting there!

On this version, build 129, with this last UI texture, I hereby declare this game to be feature complete.

It’s all bugs, polish and final asset passes from here on :)

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Min Min is now on SlideDB

Min Min now has a Slide DB profile, check it out at www.slidedb.com/games/min-min

Min Min

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New Trailer Video

Min Min has its first trailer video! Check it out!

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Min Min and Performance in Unity

So I’ve made a rather long post on Min Min, and getting good performance out of Unity on Android on my main blog. Check it out here.

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Art this week

Lots of small fixes last week. I took the game along the local IGDA meetup, and got a bunch of useful feedback from people. Most of the issues that came out of that have been implemented now, and the game is better for it.

This week: There are only a couple of major art assets that need doing now, after that it’s all tweaking. The plan is to get those out of the way. Screenshots will follow :)

Plus I made something pretty with the art assets over the weekend:

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Tree Cropped


Help and UI are not always the most interesting parts of a game to work on, but I think I’ve made good progress. I’ve had a whole bunch of feedback from people playing the game, and I think I’ve addressed most of the “not knowing what to do” concerns. Lucky it’s a simple game, I’ve been able to detect when the player isn’t doing something and show hints without stopping them from playing.

I’ve also spent some time making some more detailed renders. Check out the images section.

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Gum leaves and blossom

GCAP and game instruction

So, the first week of full time production begins. Last week was partly taken up with GCAP, a game developer conference in Melbourne. This year there was an awesome talk on character development by the guys from Halfbrick, which made me wish I was much better at character drawing. Well, practice, I guess.

This week is dedicated to help, tips and generally trying to make sure that someone new to the game knows exactly what to do. This has been a common problem for people I’ve shown the game to. Actually it seems to be a very common problem for games in general – and the last thing you want to do is fill the screen with text, or stop the game to show the player something. I have a bunch of ideas on how to do this while keeping text on the screen to a minimum, so I’ll have to try that out and see how it goes.

Also, I finally have a sky I’m happy with. Check out the screens below.

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